Hencorp Capital, L.C. is a finance company located in Miami, Florida and dedicated to the Latin American market.
With the support of its local offices and professionals, Hencorp Capital concentrates its efforts in providing the following services

    Hencorp Capital works directly with the U.S. Export Import Bank (Ex-Im Bank) and other Export Credit Agencies (mostly from European Countries) to provide financing for the import of goods and services from these countries.

    • Imports from USA through the U.S. Exim Bank. Hencorp Capital can finance all kinds of imports. Interest rates and general costs vary depending on the goods being imported, size of the transaction, the country and the client’s credit quality.
    Hencorp Capital works with clients in situations where financing is needed for international trade operations. Hencorp Capital will buy at a discount trade drafts and notes from the seller were Hencorp Capital analyses the risk of the company buying the goods being traded. Thus, an exporter gets financing by selling trade documents to Hencorp Capital (with or without recourse) and Hencorp Capital collects directly from the buyer or importer.
    Hencorp Capital has relationships with numerous banks, investment banks, hedge funds and multilateral finance organizations at the disposal of Hencorp Capital's clients. We work with our client in a mandate to find and raise a specific amount of money for debt or equity capital to perform acquisitions, debt refinancing or simply to explore going to capital markets outside the client’s home country. We work along the capital structure from revolving debt, long term debt, mezzanine financing to equity capital. Our job is to work as a finder of the best set of options for the client and help the client analyze each option and help make the right decision according to the client's needs.
    Hencorp Capital's team of professionals can advise companies in Latin America in the execution of mergers & acquisitions, debt restructurings and syndicated loans.

Hencorp Capital – Global Headquarters, Miami Florida
Tel: +01-305-373-9000
Fax:+ 01-305-381-6386


Hencorp Capital is a member of the Hencorp Group of companies www.hencorp.com